This week, Sir T taught on, “Faith that prevails!” We recommend everyone read and meditate on Hebrews 11:1-11. Our Guest Brother Rand shares some thoughts about the temple in Jerusalem, and some other thoughts, including some info on money and commerce and smart meters.  We also discussed bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and many other topics in our Q/A.  …Join us for another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T will be teaching on, “Faith that prevails!”

We recommend everyone read and meditate on Hebrews 11:1-11

Another important teaching you won’t want to miss!




Technology & World Highlight:

–>Central Bankers Plan to Control All Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum)


More Info from others on Bitcoin & other CryptoCurrencies:



–>Many have researched and uncovered the harmful effects and repercussions of so-called “smart meters”. Can we prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable?

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)




–>Research of renowned Biblical archaeologists Bob Cornuke, David Sielaff and Earnest L. Martin claim that Solomon and Herod’s Temples never stood on the Haram al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount.

URGENT! The 3rd Temple beginning to be built?




–>Bill Lost His Memory





Notes / Comments / Questions:

Q: EricPelkey: have you seen the soft disclosure news about ufos? it was on CNN and others.

C: Jim Larmore:  The Bible says that the prayers of the saints rise before the throne of God like incense.

C: ray20450 (regarding the 1st video) Very good video-shows how mythology can be used to distort true beliefs and for evil political purposes, not the work of God, for sure.

C: ray20450:  Sir T-Mainstream media had allow key approach to recent Pentagon disclosure of secret project-now the skeptics/UFO debunker are rather quiet..Biggest surpise-people just complacent

Q: ray20450:  sir T- secret of Witts generators-using monopolar electromagnets-why other researchers still insist on using dipolar electromagnets ? See Lorin Christian

C: ray20450:  Cryptocurrencies-NWO minions cannot control it-cat is out of the box; money is basically an UTILITY to facilitate commercial activities a bartering is cumbersome for starters.

C: Andrew Kerper:  Directors of corporations do not enjoy the limited liability that the shareholders have. They run because they know they are liable for their own torts, especially since the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

C: ray20450:  Sir T Not all cryptos are equal-some are better than others; many are decentralized, can be private, etc..   A good payment system is called will be usable like in any Sari-Sari stores.

C: John Butera: We give too much credit to the Enemy! Remember they are defeated and still resist GOD.

C: Michael Remington: Americans of the 19th Century would have had a hard time believing the Federal government would ban gold for most of the 20th century.

Q: elektronz: Is the Elliot Wave ‘Fractal Patterns’ the best way to predict the Crypto Coins?

C: Jim Larmore:  Money has value because we give it an ascent that it has value. It costs the same to make a one dollar bill as it does a 100 dollar bill. Once everyone loses confidence in a dollars value it’s toast.  I’ve traded forex currencies and they are highly manipulated by the big bankers. If your on the wrong side of a move you can lose you shirt.

C: ray20450:  Sir T- real coin closer to original intent-a P2P payment system- is Bitcash now is on the rise.$300 to $4000 in 1 month. Cryptos have a fixed amt when initiated;  hardfork – a harfork- made by discontent people but if basics not sound it will falter-if fixed amt of cryptos is increased equivalent to a new crypto. Cryptos have a fixed amt- math formula.

C: elektronz: Bitcoin was the main coin , but the other coins are increasing the share , they now make up 55% of total.

C: Michael Remington:  (Re: the recent UFO disclosure) The “whisteblower” stated none of the advanced technology was owned by the U.S. government….

Q: Michael Remington:  Question for Show: What is the most fundamental particle of the universe?

C: Jim Larmore:  We need to pray for our president that he is allowed to drain the swamp. The military industrial complex are the brutal alligators in the swamp. They will assassinate Trump if they can.

C: ray 20450: Current Bitcoin $16.7K; BitCoincash$3.7K’Total market $626.7 billions; Bitcoin dominance of market now 45% .down from +60% less than 1 month ago.

C: Rand: The darkside banksters control humanity by monopolizing conveniences.  Examples are information (news), energy, transportation, food, medicine, etc.  We can do all these things individually, but not on the mass scale because of the time and expenses barrier.

ray20450: Sir T-Witts coin-have a look at iris a technological platform- these are the people to go for a Witts coin.

C: Daniel Jem: dividing one coin every time you invest in it does not increase the value of your currency = bit coin

C: ray20450:  Sir T- Bitcoin- transactions now average $21 per transaction, can take up to +10 days.So reason why no Bitcoin donations-people going to Bitcoincash-very cheap and fast..

C: Daniel Jem:  Accountability to Rights is the currency of True God = honest accounting and judgment.

C: Daniel Jem:  Amen Sir Timothy

C: Jim Larmore:  The Lord bless everyone. God bless you and keep you safe thru this Christmas season. Love you all. Merry Christmas

C: ray20450:  Cardano hub- a platform in order to build applications on top of it(like layers)-cryptos value if blockchain applications coming up.

C: Daniel Jem:  Thanks Sir Timothy and all in WITTS and the Kingdom; Good blessings to all forever.

E: ray20450:  Nice show, good videos and good sound.

Q: Rand: So they will be blaming the aliens?  Will the Russians be off the hook then?



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