This week we welcomed our special guest Brother Ben Veitz to join us and teach (from 30 years of personal experience) about the mechanics of faith, what it is, and how it works.  As always, our Explainer in-Chief, Sir T, led with the Word of God.  And as our hearts went out to the victims of the recent fires in northern California, we reviewed some of the observations from people affected by it.  Sir T again reminded us of the Believers’ authority in these circumstances.  …Join us for another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week we welcome our guest Ben Veitz to join us and teach about the mechanics of faith, what it is, and how it works.

Brother Ben was in the health profession for 30 years and has been teaching and ministering in an Indian church in India, wrote articles for an Anglican newspaper, and was state secretary for the Australia Christian political party, to name a few.

This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!



Technology & World Highlight:

–>Could the recent wildfires in California be more than usual ones brought about by dry conditions? Many researchers have indicated there is more to this story which points to a much larger agenda.

CA Fires: Clear Evidence Santa Rosa Destroyed For Agenda 21/2030 Development




–>Visible Proof Lasers Used in 911 Cal Fires





–>Shooting stars and the northern lights are fascinating phenomenon unto themselves. What about both captured live together on video? Awesome.

How about Realtime footage of falling stars Aurora Borealis Observatory







Notes / Comments / Questions:

C: john mark gatti:  educational, for sir T ,both Jonathan Grey , and I live in New Zealand , which is separate country to south east of Australia . There is rivalry !, we generally win , which annoys big brother Aussies.    NZ is still off globalists radar ,if any one feels need to move , I have a spare room.

Q: Andrew Kerper: Near the start of the teaching, he said basically that we should lend to others but not borrow. If nobody borrows, who is there to lend to?

Q: Michael Remington:  QUESTION FOR SHOW: Will you be conducting analysis, i.e. DNA, of the mermaid’s hair?

Q: Te Di (Jim in PA): Brothers M or T – Please Explain the QUEET, Both Over-Unity and Health/Medical Kits? What are the Voltages, Amps, Watts of Both? What Materials are used in the make up of the QUEET?

C: Ben Veitz:  Gods people (i.e., Christians) are admonished to rely on God for provision. Christians can borrow to other nations.  Concerning debt initially Moses is addressing Israel as a nation . When he says thou shalt not borrow The apostle Paul says let no man have any debt except to love another. God wants to meet our need.

C: Michael Remington: Question for Show: Are there any way to simply and cost effectively protect ones’ self from energy weapons?

Technologically speaking.

C: (Rich) :  satan has children too

C: Rand: Please mention to the viewing audience that the show is now starting an hour earlier than before.  This will be the new start time from now on.

C: Rand: The reason they tell you first of their evil plans is that if the Children of God do not say anything, by default the dark side is given permission to proceed.  The dark side must get permission from the children of God for all things.  Dark side has no authority of its own and children of God hold all the authority.

C: elektronz:  I tried the ‘water vortex magetizer’ – using simply opposing magnets on a food blender. The water seemed denser /thicker to taste and maybe more ‘energizing’ .

C: Rand: with regard to the CA fires: The way the power poles and some trees were burning is the smoking gun that energy weapons were used: the trunks of the trees were burning but the leaves and branches are okay.  The power poles burned out in one spot a few feet off the ground.  This says to me that the air was super energized and anything organic grounded and standing vertical was acting like antennas into which all this power was getting gathered and directed into the ground.  The trees and poles were simply getting burnt out from energy overload.

C: Jim Larmore:  The cars looked like the ones that were burned at the world trade center as well.

Q: ray20450:  Q- for Sir T- So Hendershot did a magnetic motor then switched to a magnetic generator-the army did make some demo motors -Hendershot worked in Mexico with governmental officials as well.   Hendershot was paid to top his research and suicided in 1961-  has Witts ever made replication of his motor and generator? Do you plant to do it? His motor-generator was way ahead of what Newman achieved. US Army have working motors/generators ?

C: elektronz:  Also new Geostorm movie -has weather weapons.

Q: ray20450:  Strange Calif- how come they have never heard of Canadair efficient airplanes to squash any fires ?  Why did they not call in Canadair’s.

Q: Jim Larmore: Sir T, is solid state quantum generators using resonance from a casmir cavity in the resonance tank or toroid transformer?

C: john mark gatti:  Did hear the ‘get the tea’ man saying chem trails was big pharma backed , purely to make money from ‘health industries ‘ .. may the lawsuits begin !

Q: Jim Larmore:  Sir T, where does the electrons that are generated in any generator come from? Does a magnetic field produce them when a conductor passes thru it?

Sir T, if electrons have mass does a generator lose mass as it generates them?

C: ray20450:  Mermaid saga-I seriously doubt that they originate from earth-possibly have an underwater portal. Stargates- some could be underwater as well.

Q: Rand: Sir T, how to generate the right kind of power to help plants grow indoors without light?  How to conduct and direct this energy?  I heard that cotton or organic materials will conduct this energy.

C:  ray20450:  Canadair’s plane- they can fill up directly from any lake within less than 1 minute so no chemicals needed.

C:  See Wikipedia Canadair CL-215-instead of crying foul set up a petition-referendum to force Calif authorities to purchase some of them.   They did it in France and fires are way down.

C:  Jim Larmore:  Thanks for the explanations sir T

C:  Michael Remington:  Thank you Brother Martin and Sir T for the awesome broadcast!



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