This week Sir T continued teaching taught on, “The Four Steps to the Highest Kind of Faith” Mark 11:20-24. This is called the “God Kind” of faith.   Tune in next week to hear an interview with a crypto-creature!  And Dr. Masuru Emoto’s work on intent and thoughts directed to living things – we review and discuss more detail.  And Atheism – we share some thoughts. ….Another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T continued teaching on, “The Four Steps to the Highest Kind of Faith” Mark 11:20-24

This is called the “God Kind” of faith. Sir T reviews several scriptures to help us understand.

…Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!



Brother Chris Sax, from Oregon called in as well and shared an encouraging word!


Technology & World Highlight:

–>Last week Brother Rand mentioned Dr. Masuru Emoto’s research and experiments investigating the effect our thoughts and words have on our physical surroundings.  The fascinating rice experiment might have you wondering the repercussions of thinking and speaking negatively.

Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment 2014 – Die Seele der Gesundheit




–>Dr Masuru Emoto’s Rice Experiment




–>Warning: This Will Completely Change The Way You Think!




–>What happens when a self described atheist actually takes a closer look at what they believe? This video offers some food for thought with regards to how amazing our reality really is!

The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD




Notes / Comments / Questions:

C: Rand: On that Rice experiment: If that is what happens to rice when it is cut off from the love of man, just imagine what happens to man when he is cut off from God by sin!  (The point I was trying to make last week)   We basically rot and decay in spirit body and soul.  Fasting for God definitely helps clean up that rotten condition.

You sound great.  Audio is perfect

C: John Butera: I bought some John Ellis E5 water and froze an ounce and this thing grew a SPIKE!!! about 1-2″ long!

That water has Properties like no other water.  You want at least an E4 (model John Ellis machine) with the UV bulb.  Yes I listened to some interviews and was not sure this water was the real deal…its is.  On his website, they have pics of this phenomenon.  Yes, I was skeptic but this water is incredible, I like it.  2 gallons Delivered ~60$

C: Chris Sax:  You saints are awesome, God is good

C:  Daniel Jem:  A rights based accounting system is the Kingdom of the true God or the Kingdom of the true God is a rights based accounting system.    -Amen sir Timothy, thanks for your excellent work and faith!

C: FroznWtr:  Got a Gram Negative Rod infection bout 2 mo. ago here in Alaska. Where did it come from??? Near died. 3 days in the hospital. I gave it to the Lord and I’m still here. I give Thanks!

C: Daniel Jem: We battle not against flesh and blood; but we battle against spiritual evilness in high places; the evil within the spirit mind or the evil at the top of the world economic monopoly in the universe.

C: ray20450: In Eastern Canada- high temperature over 90F for past week; sky all white-chemtrailing like crazy-sun burning skin;now spraying in earl y hours of the morning thus morning blue skies are now a rarity.

C:  FroznWtr:  We fight against Powers and Principalities

Q: FroznWtr: Which day is the sabbath?

C: Daniel Jem: prepare ye the way of the Lord and prepare ye the way of your children and the children so they do not become robbing murdering animals in order to survive.

C; Riscalla Stephen: Re: the rice experiment: I placed the rice in mason jars. The rice we were negative to, after about 60 days literally blew the top off.

C:  Leif:  Does God exist? A dumbfounded question: If God does not exist there is no reason for any a-theistic behavior. No God -> no theos -> no atheism

C: Daniel Jem: The first thing people have to define is what is God or eternal Good.

C: FroznWtr:  The beast will call fire from the sky to mislead these (Atheistic) people.

C: Rand: The state is the beast.  State-ism, faith in the state as like in a religion, is the beast of Revelation.  The only real kingdom is the Kingdom of Heaven.  There is no other that is legitimate.

C: Daniel Jem:  mind and spirit can serve Good or evil so the first commandment; Thou shalt not have any other gods before the true God.

C: paul: Re: the atheists in the video: Survival of the fittest is dangerous one dimensional thinking…

C: ray20450: power of prayer =resonance frequencies-problem where do they originate from ? Dangerous to anthromorphize God to our human image-this is what the Vatican sect promotes-so good war vs godless ET ?

C: Daniel Jem:   common sense = honesty.     The eternal law of God is no respecter of persons but the spirit of God is a respecter of persons and so the atonement in true love for salvation of humanity.  Christ said take up the cross and fallow me = be accountable to the eternal law of God to serve the glory of the Kingdom.

Rise together or fall apart -or fall together in treason upon rights.

Q: Rand: Are these murderous thugs of the alphabet agencies even human???  They seem to be something else.

C: Leif: Is it really a civil war, or does the three letter agencies work for another (foreign) entity altogether?  ok they work for satan…..

And stop calling them ‘government’.  Call them usurpers.

Q: ray20450:  Question for Sir T-Witts 9V battery water heater (youtube 2013-04-02 )-based on Keely; some at are trying to make it open source. Position of Witts on this ?

Q: Chris Sax:  Will the pyramid make (food) supplements better as well?

C: JLitke: (regarding the usurpers)  That’s why they’re userpents! 🙂


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