This week Sir T taught on “The Covenant and the Contradiction.”  We review recent technology releases applied in 3-D printing of useful motors,  and show a video demonstrating what looks like a UFO cleaning up a chemtrail …another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T taught on, “The Covenant and the Contradiction.”

Sir T will be shedding light on this subject from God’s word. This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss.




Technology & World Highlight:

3D printers are becoming more capable in the hands of talented enthusiasts. Featured this week, an amazing 600 watt 3-phase motor designed and built to power large RC models or other practical applications.  You won’t believe the sophistication and elegance of this project!

600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, brushless DC electric Motor



–>3d-printed brushless Motor – Test max. RPM (explosion)



–>Galactops REVISITED // Stainless Steel 3D Printed Air Assisted Spinning Tops




–>Are we receiving help in remediating the toxic chemtrails criss-crossing our skies? Here is some convincing video demonstrating that someone or something is engaging these trails and causing their early demise.

Chemtrail Neutralized by UFO. Great Video





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