This week Sir T taught: “NOW we are the Children of GOD!” You won’t want to miss this inspiring message!  Strange artifacts from Nazca Peru – we review some video evidence.  And Mark Passio – we comment on some of his presentation regarding suppression of free-energy devices and ideas from a presentation he did a few years ago.  And printing a house? You’ve heard of 3-D printers – see one work that can make a reasonably sized dwelling!  Another great un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“NOW we are the Children of GOD!”

This week Sir T will be teaching: “NOW we are the Children of GOD!”
You won’t want to miss this inspiring message!

We also were joined by a brother who provided a brief and notable call-in testimonial.



Technology & World Highlight:

Strange organic artifacts found in the desert of Nazca in Peru have surfaced, contributing to the ongoing evidence that we are not the only type of humanoids inhabiting the planet.

Two Strange Organic Artifacts Found In The Desert Of Nazca In Peru




Good Friday message to my friends.




Is it feasible to have free energy products in distribution prior to the end of the ongoing slavery systems? This presentation takes on the topic and the conclusion might be unexpected.

Free Energy – From Suppression To Manifestation? – Mark Passio @ Tesla Memorial Conference – 11/1/14




–>Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!






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