This week Sir T will be welcoming brother Rand Urban as our guest. He will be teaching on a very important subject: “Turning the World Right Side Up, For God and HIS Kingdom!” – Daniel 7:27.  Also, we show information about another construction technique, and we review a discussion about LIVING current-day Nephilim / Giants from Steve Quayle.  Sir T brings us some new pictures from the field work he has been doing.  And one of the brothers sent in a picture of a pyramid with tower attached to its top which Sir T had some interesting comments on.  Another great un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Teaching: Brother Rand Urban“Turning the World Right Side Up, For God and HIS Kingdom!” – Daniel 7:27″

This week Sir T welcomed brother Rand Urban as our guest.  He taught on a very important subject: “Turning the World Right Side Up, For God and HIS Kingdom!” – Daniel 7:27






Technology & World Highlight:

With our recent news on building super low cost housing and structures in the Philippines, brother Charles forwarded another very interesting concrete construction methodology. Be sure and tune in to see this clever technique.

Air crete dome homes


AirCrete Dome Building with Little Dragon


AirCrete Foam Injection System



More and more information is being revealed about man’s true history and the existence of giants. In this interview with Steve Quayle it seems we’re seeing significant correlation between the biblical accounts and actual findings.


(time 1:04 to 14:30)




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