This week Sir T teaches on “The Greater One is in Us!” Greater is He that is in You, than he that is in the world.  We delved into the electrophysiology of intuition, and covered a recent discovery in the Baltic sea.  We also highlighted community awareness and involvement with a great story of one lady reminding us how one person really can make a difference where they live.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“The Greater One is in Us!”

This week Sir T taught on “The Greater One is in Us!”  Greater is He that is in You, than he that is in the world.

Guest: Brother Max –

Brother Max rejoins this week to share some some things from his heart.


Technology & World Highlight:

Findings from recent research show that not only is intuition measurable, but also seems to derive from the heart instead of the brain.

Experiment on Intuition – Electrophysiology of Intuition





–>See what happens when Jessica McClard had an idea to make a difference in her community only to see it spread quickly across the globe.

Little Free Pantry

Woman Starts Free Side Walk Pantry. Weeks Later, She’s Overwhelmed With The Response. WOW.





–>Human Resonance: Magnetic Basalt of the Baltic Sea Object





–>This is how the Clinton family destroyed Haiti





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