This week Sir T teaches on “Spiritual Laws, set in motion…” Isaiah 55:10, 11.   He also shares some more about what the Ministry is doing to help Orphans.  We discuss the recent documentary VaxXed, which has suffered suppression in the U.S.   We highlight a new Nikola Tesla documentary called TESLAFY.ME.  And is there really another previously undiscovered planet nearby to us?  ….another Un-Program you don’t want to miss!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“Spiritual Laws, set in motion…” Isaiah 55:10, 11

This week Sir T will be bringing us his teaching, “Spiritual Laws, set in motion…” Isaiah 55:10, 11

Another inspiring teaching that you won’t want to miss!



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–>Official Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe (Trailer)



A discussion with VAXXED documentary producer Del Bigtree reveals the challenges and rewards of telling the truth in the face of lies. Could the tables be finally turning on the established corruption and propaganda?

VAXXED Producer Del Bigtree, A Discussion With Dane Wigington



–>VaxXed Stories: The Prosecutor



–>ALIEN Planet Found “Close To Earth” Being Kept Secret? 8/16/16







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