This week Sir T teaches on “The Power of God’s Word – Isaiah 55:11”  We talk about the internal combustion engine a bit, and a battery that has lasted more than 170 years and is still running!  And although the pyramids in Egypt required some amazing building skills, have you heard of the incredibly huge blocks forming structures in the Ural Mountains of Russia, some blocks over 4000 tons?

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“The Power of God’s Word – Isaiah 55:11”

This week Sir T will be bringing us his teaching, “The Power of God’s Word.”

Isaiah 55:11 God’s word will not return to HIM, void. “But shall certainly accomplish the thing for which I have sent it.”

Another inspiring teaching that you won’t want to miss!





Technology & World Highlight:

Can a battery last for 176 years? Well, in the physics department at Oxford University they have just such a device powering a continuously ringing bell year after year. Sir T has some revealing information about this battery which is not a unique case it seems.

The Battery That’s Lasted 176 Years


The remarkable construction feats of the pyramids in Egypt don’t stack up to the super sized blocks found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Some of the carved stones weigh in at possibly 4000 tons and are stacked 40 meters high!



–>Ever see inside a running engine?



Check out this view of an internal combustion engine’s cylinder…

Inside the Cylinder




Questions & Comments:

Q: Can someone give me the truth about vitamin B-17

E: Several years ago I had a friend tell me that I was wishing when I prayed. I did not really understand until hearing the Un-Program for the last seven months. So, thank you for teaching.

C: Having been through this with the B17 I ate 12-14 per day. Depending upon the size of the seeds. Be sure to get Certified Organic Apricot Seed. B17 Has cyanide as one of it’s molecules. That carries the opposite charge of cancer cells. Thus, leaving the healthy cells alone and only affecting the cancerous ones.

C: I think the second video is not so much high speed as much as it has a frame rate lightly slower or faster than the cycle rate of the running engine.

C: Regarding the 2nd video or engine running, it is like looking at a car wheel turning high speed under a strobe light. It ends up looking like it is turning slowly.

Q: Brother T – What do you know about the Element Thorium?

C: sin is the real debt clock

C: Old smoke detectors have radioactive material in them -Americanium I think

E: Thanks for the right program and the Good program

Q: anyone watching the work on the Graham Gunderson “MIT”? “MIT” Magnetic Implosion Transformer





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