Sir T taught on the topic “The Simplicity of Faith!”  We also discussed more information on GMO’s, and a story released about MMS’s effects on Malaria, and more about the amazing moon artifacts shown in detail.  Also our guest Brother Phil shared personal experiences from applying what he learned from our weekly program.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Simplicity of Faith!”

Faith really is so simple!




Technology & World Highlight:

–Have you heard the Red Cross cured 154 malaria cases in Africa with an inexpensive mineral supplement and a simple protocol? And it has also been effective on many, many other conditions and ailments. Oh wait… never mind.

QuantumLeap  (MMS)

Genesis II Website:




–It is becoming clear that biotech companies involved in the engineering of agriculture have focused more on their investors than on their product usefulness.

Seeds of Death




–More evidence is becoming public regarding massive structures and artifacts on the moon’s surface. The idea of it being simply a dusty, cratered, uninteresting satellite of earth is changing.

The Moon Exposed! MILES HIGH Tower Discovery & Much More!











Guests / Callers:

–Brother Phil called in and shared some of his own personal (amazing) experiences from listening to and applying the teachings on the program, and experiments with QUEETS.






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