Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on My Words Are Spirit and They Are Life

Guest/Topic: Brother Tim Martin – Unanswered 911 Questions, Recent UFO Pictures & Videos, & many other topics discussed as well as discussion on various technologies

NOTE on the videos we show – WITTS isn’t agreeing with or espousing all of the videos we show.  In particular, as far as being physical descendents of galactic brothers, in the video, some people believe we are genetic descendants.  We do not believe this to be true.

WITTS’ view is that if the ETs are serving God, spiritually, they are part of the Family of God, but the human race is NOT descendants of these space brothers physically in the flesh.  Scripture says (Gen 2:7) that God created man “from the dust of the ground”, so we did not descend from space brothers.

Also, we aren’t looking for our space brothers to save us.  That is for God to do, and He alone is to be worshiped, trusted and sought for salvation.  The Bible is clear on this.  On many occasions in the Bible when angels spoke to Man, they commanded Man NOT to worship them, but to only worship God.  We believe “One Saviour, Jesus Christ” (Acts 4:10-12).

If the audio from that portion of the 2nd video (Galactic Family video) is missing, then it was removed to avoid confusion with scripture.


Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

–How do ET’s fit into the book of revelation and the end of the age spoken by Jesus in the gospels?

–Can you help explain the technology that is used to make the holograms in the sky that were to be used as a staged alien invasion? Some say the chemtrails act like a screen in the atmosphere, can you comment if you know of any shielding effects of chemtrails

–Did you see the video of the orb that flew into the 2nd tower on the same path as the 2nd plane (instead of the plane)?  The plane is thought to be a hologram.

–How do we know Evil isn’t going to use an “alien invasion” to finally get their One World Government.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

–Thank your brother for your time, my question is regarding the ufo technology. It is claimed that there are a few among the ETs that are here working as scientists.  If so, why is it that they are hiding or unnoticed to us, and do not share their technologies?

–I know this has been touched on before concerning our authority over spirits.  I would like to know how many brothers of faith would it take to get rid of the evil bankers and their agenda.

–Have either of you heard of The Urantia Book? It speaks about the galactic family in great detail. It has no Author.

–Have you heard about the akashic records? If so what are your thoughts on them?

–This show is the best part of this my day.  I would consider Tesla a prophet because his insights came from GOD. What do yo think?

–God Bless you SirT & WITTS team, i appreciate all your help.

–Here is a tried and tested diesel fuel recipe for you: filtered used cooking oil, 10% kerosine, 10% unleaded, 2% anti water/gel stuff from Walmart. … You can make this for less than .50 cents per gallon. … Enjoy. … It works well.  Tested and used for over 10k miles in a Ford power stroke diesel.  No retrofits, just make it and pour it in.  The kerosine & unleaded gas make it run even in cold weather.   You can use best in a two tank system with regular diesel and then switch to homemade.  Once motor is hot you can just use the cooking oil without mixing it, then switch back to diesel to clean out the injectors before turning motor off.
Restaurants give this stuff away for free.   I’m happy to share this because SirT and the WITTS team are a loving & generous group of Christians.

–******Prayer Request*** my mom is in the hospital with acute kidney failure- but also the doctors just diagnosed her with cancer in her chest… I need some prayer in agreement that her toxicity level goes down and her kidney functions go up, please pray for us.

–Does the WITTS ultrasonic water heater utilize a principle similar to transient cavitation bubble implosion?




References & Links:


9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkPRskciqVM

I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure) (Also see note above about videos we show.) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulWK-Ni-xiw


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My Words Are Spirit and They Are Life



Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


Get informed and involved in REAL World Improvement!  Help change our world for the better!


Tonight Sir T starts us off with his teaching on: My Words Are Spirit and They Are Life.  Overcoming the world!


This week Brother Martin joins us to discuss topics brought up in a couple of short videos.  Our first video is a brief overview of possible motives behind the September 11th World Trade Center attacks.  This is a controversial subject, but with more than 10 years passing, we still don’t have answers to many of the questions raised by investigators.


Also we’ve got a short clip showing many UFOs and unusual sightings that have taken place recently.  Many folks around the world who have seen or experienced these events are organizing and sharing.  Not only are our space brothers and sisters here, but they are here to help!  Why have our governments continually denied and ridiculed what is becoming more and more obvious to others?  Regardless, it seems inevitable that we will be introduced to our galactic family sometime soon!