Teaching: Brother Kyle Smith on The Godliness and the Health Connection

Guest/Topic: Brother John Phillips, a Pastor from Indiana – Sharing A Word From the Lord


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NASA Scientist Says Warp Drive is Doablehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwZt1Yh4-1U



The Godliness and the Health Connection


Greetings to all the brothers and sister out there,  listening and learning from our Great God and His holy written Word, the Bible!




Gods Kingdom Is at hand!


We have a fascinating program tonight that you wont want to miss!


Our dear brother Kyle Smith will be continuing his teaching from a few weeks ago, on The Godliness and the Health Connection. 
Then we will be showing a short video of many NASA Scientists saying that “Warp drive is do-able“. (Faster-than-light-speed ships)

Sir T and other top scientists have been saying this and demonstrating this, for many years, but it is, just now, getting popular to say it. (For years, the popular brainwashing was, “it is impossible to travel faster then light”)

Our Special guest will be brother John Phillips, a Pastor from Indiana and a man with a heart of gold!


Now we do not want to spread fear, but we do want to encourage everyone to prepare. Jesus said many times. “Never fear” and “Only believe” Luke 8:50

And His word says “Our God shall supply all our needs, according to His riches and glory”. Phil 4:19 “If we can believe it, we can receive it” Mat 9:29

Pastor Phillips’ word that he believes is from The Lord is: In about 5 weeks from now, the dollar will collapse to near-zero value. This will very likely trigger a great depression of the likes the USA has never seen. 

If this happens as prophesied, this will affect the entire planet, but especially the “Great Harlot” (and with it, the “Western” way of life, as we know it.) 

In case you have not noticed, the “Western” way of life is in decline and the “Great Harlot” is on her way out.

The Beast of Revelation (China and Communism in general), are soon to rule the world as the book of Revelation foretells, to us, hundreds of years in advance.
Read Revelation chapter 11 thru the end of Revelation.

The Beast is prophesied to totally destroy the Great Harlot. (This destruction is already underway, and is expected by some to continue and worsen about a decade or more.)

If brother John is right on the timing, or not, remains to be seen, (we will know in 6 weeks.) But we will be sharing 10 simple things you can do now to prepare, just in case it does come to pass.

These things will save you money in the long run, even if the dollar collapse does not come now.

Again, we do not want to scare anyone.  We just want to help our brothers and sisters to be ready, just in case.

God is our VICTORY!  In all things!

A Very Exciting and Informative program that you will not want to miss!

Join us live!