Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe, Part 3

Guest/Topic: Brother Scott Owen, Geophysicist – Geological Effects of Global Warming

post-glacial rebound

You Tube channel for BUG (Scott’s Site: Believers Underground): www.youtube.com/user/believersunderground

Also, look him up via Google and type in “post glacial rebound”


Some Questions & Comments From the NetCast:

–Is there anything mankind can do to change what is going on with ice melt?
–I heard The magnetic north has moved out of place 40 miles just recently . Not the 30 degrees I said before. Could This ice melting affect the magnetic north?
–What effect does HAARP have on ice melt?
–What effect do chemtrails have on ice melt?
–What’s your thoughts on why the ice caps formed in the first place, and what the earth was doing prior to that
–What role do aware believers like us have in these end times?


References & Links:

INCREDIBLE SIBERIA UFO MYSTERYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DOMb_C6jUY



Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe, Part 3


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On our broadcast tonight, Sir T continues with his teaching on: Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe, Part 3.


Joining us this week is Brother Scott Owen – geophysicist.   With the advent of climate change often in the news these days, it can be confusing as to what’s really happening with the earth’s environmental systems.  Is our planet really becoming warmer or cooler?


Brother Owen has studied this topic and will share some reasons why we seem to be experiencing earthquakes, droughts, and overall severe weather more often than we did just a couple decades ago.  What will be the coming trend in the near future?  It’s apt to be an interesting discussion!


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