Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Teleportation, Wormholes, Ancient Archeological Hi-Tech Finds

Video of teleportation (video itself may not be real – refer to comments by Sir T and see link below to actual clip.)

Discussed a well-documented case of Gil Perez – a Filipino guard who was teleported to Mexico, from the Philippines, many decades ago.  There are hundreds of cases like this that are documented.

Sir T’s Personal experiences with teleportation, and seeing ancient technology – resistors, diodes, transistors in trash heap in Utah – carbon dated to way before our age had this kind of technology.  Sir T recounts one particular time where teleportation saved he and another individual’s life while driving a van cross country.

Ancient find of Hi-Tech tablet device – described as similar to an ipad – appeared to reveal pictures of people, a diary, and a testament to ancient tech being on the planet thousands of years ago.


Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

–Can Skywell be built to produce 500 GPM?
–What do you think about the prophecy of the popes. If it is true there is only one pope left before the apearance of the anti christ. Any thoughts on this topic?
–Some people say the war in iraq was over getting control of an ancient stargate that was there!
–Yahweh also wants us to use his power to do miracles a well as healings to cause people to believe.
–Have you heard of Lt COL SC ? He worked in area 51 and duluce and beacon brecon wales DUMBS, With the Nephelem !; 25 foot tall Beings who claim to be fallen angels; LT Col claims to be a christian , And says that they had to sign a waver that they would not Speak the name of Jesus, because it made the demons go crazy!; i think his real name is greg something,  look it up on youtube its amazing story
–Why are people teleported, and who exactly does the teleportation? God or Angels?
–Chemtrails all over the sky here in Chicago this morning. I prayed against a couple as the planes were making them and they both disappeared. It always suprises me how easy it is.
–Is there a way for us simpler folk to collect Quantum Dots and use them somehow?
–Researching GOD and old equipment 2 chronicles 26 15 speaks of Engines invented by cunning men to be on towers. Can you speak about this?
–How can we get a blue prnt for the heat engine that uses amonia for expansion?
–Everytime we learn some new scheme from the dark side, we need to take authority and rebuke it every time -in Jesus name.


References & Links:

Teleportation during traffic accident caught on security camera tape! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXd6lQ9iCTA



Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe


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Tonight Sir T felt led to teach again on, Love – The Greatest Power in the Universe.


On a past show last year, Brother Jonathan Gray joined us and shared some fascinating facts on ancient archaeology.  Tonight Sir T has some new information from him and will relay a story that might just have you sitting on the edge of your chair.


We have previously discussed very old civilizations having advanced technology before.  Even electronic components like diodes and transistors have been found in archaeological digs.  Brother Jonathan seems to have a gift for uncovering the most amazing facts about forbidden ancient history, much more exciting than what we were taught in school!  Wait until you hear what was found in a Russian mine, 4 miles underground!


We’ve also got a short video clip revealing an event that many people have indicated has happened to them.  Teleportation.  Sir T will enlightened us with the technical aspect of how it is possible and tell us his own experiences where his location from one moment to the next was altered to keep him out of harms way.