Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on A Short Inspirational Message on the Word of God


Guest/Topic: Samuel Thrapp – The Seven Keys of the Kingdom – 7 Keys of Answered Prayer Getting Results

Here are 2 audio links to a teaching that I taught at my church, posted tonight so the viewers want to listen to them sometime.  The 2nd one is the altar call when we were praying for people for healing, and as we are praying you can actually hear them saying that the pain left etc.  It makes the teaching much more powerful when you can hear them getting results / getting miracles!



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Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

–A little off topic, but I was wondering if you know of Phil Schneider and his stories of aliens and underground bunkers and such like. Do you think he is accurate on any of the topics he speaks on?

–It is by lack of faith great evil happens.  People who are known for evil have no faith in God whatsoever.

–What materials did Tesla use to make the magnet wire that he used to get such high intensity fields?  And what do you recommend for materials to get the best magnet wire results?  Some say Tesla used iron, aluminum, and copper.  Is this true?   Do you know the percentages of the metals and materials to use in the magnet wire?  For best results?

–We all need that “child-like faith”… innocent, KNOWING that my Daddy would never lie to me… GOD will never lie to me… the WORD shows examples, we need to KNOW it’s TRUE, and duplicate what Christ exampled.

–Speaking of results and the gospel: Jesus changed the world in only 3 years only after he was demonstrating results. If our ministry gets results, one should expect the Kingdom of Heaven to be exploding here on Earth around us.

–Any idea why some planets have a magnetic field and others do not?

–Speaking of faith, I prayed with Sir T in faith that God gives me favor with men regarding a really heavy handed tax penaly, and I just got a letter absolving me of the entire penalty! Amen!

–Please agree with me to have the brothers/sisters pray that the Wildfires across the Nation would stop.

–When building one of these electrical devices that you have for over unity what is the accurate fomula to use it increase the overunity?

–This question goes along with faith, Why is it that God’s will doesn’t come true, for instance it is God’s will that we don’t sin but there are times we do?  God’s will doesn’t always come true*   –Is it because most of the time Gods will doesn’t get executed until someone believes it to be so?

–God gave us humans dominion over the earth and the goings on here, He wants us to invite Him in on the goings on.

–References to “A Course In Miracles” through the Word of God





A Short Inspirational Message on the Word of God



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Tonight Sir T will be sharing A Short Inspirational Message on the Word of God


Our special guest will be Samuel Thrapp, Sir T’s brother!  He will be discussing, The Seven Keys of the Kingdom – 7 keys of answered prayer getting results.  This will surely be another enlightening discussion with another member of the Thrapp family.


Also, we have a short animated video from NASA explaining what happens during coronal mass ejections on the sun, CME’s, and how it affects our planet.  Some amazing things transpire when vast quantities of energy head our direction during one of these events.


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