Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Pt 4

Guest/Topic: Brother Eric Pelkey – Incredible recent experiences praying with people, seeing healing, seeing God work directly in people’s lives through faith and through prayer.


Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

–Can You tell Us more About the Power Plants WITTS Builds In Various Places on the Earth?

–I was healed of a brown recluse spider bite a couple of weeks ago. I got bit and didn’t do anything about it for a couple of days. Then I put some H2O2 and baking soda on it for a couple of days to draw out the poison. It grew to 3″ dia….


The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Pt 4


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Tonight our broadcast begins with Sir T continuing his teaching on: The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Part 4


Afterwards, we’ll have another inspiring short video clip by Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes all the Difference!


Joining us this week to offer testimony and some fascinating experiences, Sir T will speak with Brother Eric Pelkey.  He will be sharing some changes in his life since employing what he’s learned listening to teachings here at WITTS Ministries.


Also, we’ll have some additional information on anti-gravity technology previously discussed on last week’s show.  Sir T will relate more details regarding spinning disks and this video: The Physics of Anti-Gravity.


Don’t forget, JT’s ebook is available on the WITTS Gifts Page. Free Energy 101 contains some very unique information about free energy and other amazing inventions and technologies. Great reading, and for a good cause too!


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Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

–I saw the chemtrails, and commanded them in Jesus name to disipate , and about 15 minutes later, they were gone, i got video of the trails, He took care of it for Us, Praise be to Him!

–Does the “transition moment” explain the effects that John Hutchison gets with his tuned low power transmission, such as levitation and metal dissociation, and also the stuff, witnessed by Brandt, that took place in the “Philidelipha experiment?”


Much Further Discussion! – This was another great show for the technical folks!


References & Links:

Zig Ziglar Clip – Attitude Makes All The Difference!

The Physics of Anti-Gravity – Youtube: Alienscientist