Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Power of Love! The Greatest Power of the Universe! Part 6

Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith – When We do our part, God Shows Up!

Further Discussion / Questions & Comments:

truth365: Is this the “GOD” particle?

gowithgod: any idear about the giant face on mars? who made it and how old is it?  Could you talk a little more about the sky bike? are there any videos of it


cosmologicallyyours:  Thanks for the Establishment’s clip. They are right that there is something that fills all of space-time.  The Higgs Bosson does NOT actually exist — what DOES exist is the Aether. This is what scripture refers to as the “waters” that fill the…  Multiply this by the rate that the SpaceNow manifold is expanding through this fractialized sub-space and you get the value of the Impedance of the Vacuum of Space, Zo = 376.73 Ohms = c * mu_0. Do the math…Thus, the Higgs Boson does not exist — rather what DOES exist is the Resistance of the Vacuum of Space — its resistance is ONLY along the time-dimension, thus the Michelson-Morley experiment does not detect aether drag as Earth moves SPATIALLY —


m_j_netherlands: Did the science or the formulas of the 2 year old Philippino who met aliens make sense?


sisterlydia: Good to see you back home!!


gowithgod: do you think the dark forces will try to destroy/sabotage the new factory you want to build for the quantum heating systems?


danzeletin: Do not forget about Henry Moray, Radiant Energy Device, Sea of Energy …

randyurb: Working together is what Jesus wants. He commanded us to love one another. But, everyone has their own idea what it means to love one another.

cosmologicallyyours: So, what causes particles of matter to manifest mass? The particles are really spring shaped shaped waves have to penetrate these Cosmic Onion -Layers — …

cosmologicallyyours: ChemTrails Phase 2 — they are equiping passanger liners with chemical tanks — that are actuated by a network of satellites. So now you see short segments of chemtrails.  YouTube search for “Ex-government Employee talks about CHEMTRAILS (parts 1 to 5)

randyurb: It is our responsibility as sons of God to take authority over the works of the dark side. To not walk in our role reflects negatively upon God. It makes him look like he is the passive apathetic parent.

randyurb: Awesome testimony Bro Kyle!!! Amen to your son’s faith!! I Am so happy to hear of his faith -so naturally supernatural!

towerlightguys: I continue commanding until I get results. Sometimes that only takes a quiet prayer and sometimes it takes multiple agressive differing commands to find the correct need of the person, just like with the clouds a wimpy request for no rain brought the…

randyurb: There is no record of the ministry of Jesus until he started doing demos.  Three years of doing demos changed mankind forever

chris_sax: How does the healing light work on a quantum level?

towerlightguys: Demos are what Jesus (Yahshua) Used to verify that he came from God (Yahweh). He did the works that no man could do unless god was with him.

chris_sax:  I took authority over a police officer who pulled me over. 99% of the time I would receive a ticket, but this time he just let me go with a warning. Always battle in the spirit for victory, not the flesh.


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Tonight’s broadcast: The Power of Love! The Greatest Power of the Universe! Part 6. Sir T is back settling in to his regular spot and eager to continue this subject!


Tonight’s returning guest will be our dear brother Kyle who’s always got interesting testimony and thoughts on our topic.


Also, we’ve got a short video on Higgs-Boson.  What is it and how does it relate to world improvement?
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