Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Great Rescue Plans Pt 3 (Future!)

Announcement: World Healing Crusade is Launched!


Guest/Topic: Thomas Linebough (Towerlightguys) – Our Authority and Personal Miracles

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Greetings to all, in The Lovely Name Of Our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Sir Timothy will be finishing the final part of the teaching from God’s word, on the Great Rescue Plans (Future!)

Are you ready to receive?

Awesome teachings you will not want to miss!

He will also be sharing as God leads.

Good News! [The Gospel of Jesus Christ] 6 reports of deaf healed this week alone by Missionaries and persons that are part of this ministry! 6 Blind healed this week! Babies healed that had deformed hearts and other body parts! All This week!

Many Many More Confirmations that God Is With Us! See Mark 16:17&18 JESUS says “These signs will follow those who believe” (Also see Testimonies and Testimonials pages for more)

Also this week alone, another 5 persons/groups confirm they have succeeded with WITTS Ministries help, to get “over unity” on their project! One more running his entire home on Quantum Energy.

Also tonight, “The Kick Off” for “World Healing Crusade”!

A little less then one year ago, we announced that sometime in 2011, we would start the World Healing Crusade. This crusade will:

(1) Demonstrate the Power of GOD for healing the physical body as well as

(2) Demonstrate HIS power for healing of ALL the worlds problems!

This Crusade will culminate in the release of a Machine to Change The World! (Once enough people are rallied who are committed to build one for their own families)

The start is NOW. (See webpages titled “World Healing Crusade“)

(3) This 3rd technology release, also known as a Gravity Motor, (Give Away) that is cheap and easy to build, will be released on a large scale at the climax of the campaign.

This will be discussed briefly after the teaching this evening. And if you have read the webpages, then you are welcome to ask questions about the campaign, as well.

Our Guest will be our Dear brother Thomas Linebough (The  Tower Climbing, Light Guy) who will be sharing with us some Awesome testimonies about what God is doing in his life!

A Exciting program that you will not want to miss!

Questions and Comments welcome!

Phone in questions or comments are welcome during the last 20 minutes of the program.

God Bless You All! And we will see you there!

10PM Eastern USA time. www.justin.tv/worldimprovement

The World Improvement Team

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It is said that George Washington was given a end time prophesy:

Thanks! To each and every one of you for being part of, perhaps,

Time: Wednesday, 10PM Eastern USA Time
Place: justin.tv/worldimprovement