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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Have You Stomped The Devils Head Today?!

Guest/Topic: John Wsol – Genesis Cosmology – How Cosmology Shows God’s Glory


NOTE: John Wsol will be on again to finish his presentation.

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Warmest greetings to all in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua)

For those wondering about the heading, it was written that way to get your attention. The actual newsletter IS the internet TV program that we do every week . It is not actually this reminder. (Even though we often call this letter the newsletter)




God is So Good!



There are 5 more success story’s of people who have achieved over unity in their experiments with the Ministries help, this week alone! And dozens more success stories of God healing people, by LOVE and by FAITH!



And as always, thousands of innocent children and elderly fed this week, by your love and faithful gifts. Many of these would have died long ago, with out your donations to the cause of real world improvement. So to all those who donate…. THANK YOU! for your love and faithfulness!



The Children thank you! The Babies Thank You! The Elderly Thank You! All of us at World Improvement Ministries Thank You! And mentioned here last, but always FIRST, GOD Thanks You! THE MOST HIGH GOD is proud of you! And He is happy to call you His son! (or His daughter)



Tonight Sir T will be teaching on The God kind of Love, The way to Victory! And how your Love relates to financial blessings and financial success.


The title of this motivational speech is,

Have You Stomped The Devils Head Today?!




Have you worried about the world troubles? The so called financial collapse? Does God have a way out for you?




Learn more tonight. Tune in to the link at the top of the page.




After the most important technology teaching (God technology.)  Then, our guest will be our dear brother John Wsol sharing some beautiful slides and teachings on Cosmology, and how everything in physical science really, glorifies God! And relates back to God!






See you all there.



God Bless You All!



John and The World Improvement Team