Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Where Do We Get Our Power And Authority? (To do the great miracles we see and hear about everyday?)


Guest/Topic: Riscalla Stephen – How to Bring more of God into your life

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Pic 1: Electron Beam (or ‘flux tube’) from one hemisphere to the other on Jupiter via its moon Io (pronounced EEyoh):



“It has been known since March of 1979 (when Voyager 1 flew through the Io-Jupiter electrical connection) that Jupiter and Io are involved in an electrical exchange of approximately 1 million Amperes . A more recent article also attributes a wattage of approximately 2 terawatts (2 trillion watts) to the exchange.”




Continuing from the same article link above:

“In another interesting set of revelations, the news release also talks about the “roar of acoustic waves” at both Io’s north and south poles.  However, as we’ll see, their “acoustic wave” description appears to be incorrect.

A great roar of acoustic waves near the north and south poles of Jupiter’s moon Io shouts about the power of the volcanic moon.


“You hear a whistling sound from Jupiter’s radio emissions, then, just when you go over the pole, you hear a tremendous roar that starts abruptly, then stops abruptly,” Gurnett said. “It’s like the noise from a huge electrical power generator.” Io actually generates as much wattage as about 1,000 nuclear power plants.

The region of increased density is where electrons and ions come up from Io’s tenuous atmosphere and follow a “flux tube” where field lines from Jupiter’s strong magnetic field intersect Io. In a 1999 flyby of Io, Galileo had provided some indication of the higher density over the moon’s poles. This year’s two Io flybys were the first to show that those denser areas coincide with the magnetic-field flux tube, Gurnett said.

In their own words, “’It’s like the noise from a huge electrical generator.’ Io actually generates as much wattage as about 1,000 nuclear power plants.” The truth will set them free! If they allow it to… In essence what they’ve discovered is, rather than simple acoustic waves, electric currents flowing along magnetic field lines (“Birkeland currents” or “field-aligned currents”) and interacting with Io’s poles.“

Another reference link: http://www.planetaryexploration.net/jupiter/io/io_plasma_torus.html

An electric current of five million amperes flows along Io’s flux tube. It connects Io to the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, like a giant umbilical cord. The plasma torus is centered near Io’s orbit, and it is about as thick as Jupiter is wide. The torus is filled with energetic sulfur and oxygen ions that have a temperature of about 100 thousand degrees kelvin. Because the planet’s rotational axis is tilted with respect to the magnetic axis, the orbit of the satellite Io (dashed line) is inclined to the plasma torus.




Pic 2: The following is image of Saturn and its moon Enceladus in which a similar proton beam / flux tube has been found.



“A larger white square above Enceladus shows a cross-section of the magnetic field line between the moon and the planet. This pattern of energetic protons was detected by Cassini’s magnetospheric imaging instrument (MIMI) on Aug. 11, 2008.”


Also see: http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-04-electrons-link-saturn-moon-enceladus.html

Another site says:

“An electric current of 5 million amperes was detected in the flux tube that flows between Jupiter and Io, five times stronger than predicted. Voyager did not fly through the flux tube, as planned, since the stronger current had twisted the tube 7,000 kilometers (4,300 miles) from the predicted location. “



Greetings to all in the lovely name of Yeshua (Jesus)!


At Gods direction, the teaching will be “Where Do We Get Our Power And Authority?” To do the great miracles we see and hear about everyday?


The authority of the Sons of Man, or the Authority of The Sons of God?



Where and how do both these types of authority originate. How is it manifested in our daily lives?


For a brief physical technology segment, we will be talking about the fact that many leading scientists are now admitting to huge power transfers (Trillions of watts) of Electrical energy going on continuously between different moons and planets! Along with references and photos.


Talk about FREE Abundant Energy!









Our Guest will be brother Riscalla Stephen, our dear brother and a man of God, who has an anointing of The Love of God as well as an anointing of The Compassion of God, in his life.



He is always a welcome guest who strengthens our connection with God, every time we have him on the program.



He will be sharing on “How to bring more of God into your life”?


All welcome!



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Sir Timothy, Dr John, and the World Improvement Team