Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on PERFECT LOVE THROWS OUT FEAR!, Pt 2

Guest: Randy Urban

Guest Topic: Car Miracles – Brother’s car starting, Mom’s car Fuel Injector (still working)- took authority over a month ago and it’s still working.  Also light bulb on daughter’s computer.  Randy also gives his testimony of how he found WITTS.



Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


Masters over The Powers of Evil.


Jesus said in Luke 10:19 “Behold! I give you authority over serpents and scorpions and ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY!”


This is the right and the privilege and the responsibility of all the Children of God to learn to walk, daily, in this kind of power and authority.


This week, Sir Timothy will be continuing the fascinating, and powerful, teaching from last week, “Perfect Love Throws Out Fear“.


As we grow in the Love of God, and in our love walk, we learn to throw out fear, then we are beginning to exercise our power over the dark side.  And his evil forces.


Tune in this week to learn some amazing details about the Power Of God, and The Power Of Love.


Love Conquers all.  And God is Love.


Our Guest will be brother Randy Urban, Testifying how his life has dramatically changed for the good, since he has learned to oversize the power of God, the Power Of Love in his life.


There is Freedom found in Christ!  How do we partake in these things in your life?


Do not miss this teaching/sharing/testimonies.


Learning these techniques/knowledge will change your life!


God Is Blessing You!


See you there!

The World Improvement Team