Have you ever wanted to really hear from God?  Find out how to connect with God as you listen to this inspiring teaching given by Sir Timothy Thrapp straight from the Word of God.

Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Faith, & How to Connect with God & Accomplish the Impossible

Guest: Brother Richard Lobwein from Australia – Historical Facts Surrounding Giants

Topic: Nephilim & Giants (aka sons of Anak), UFOs, quantum energy, Healing of the Earth, Miracles in real life, Thousands of year old garbage dumps in Utah where transistors and diodes were found (suggesting and/or proving existence of ancient advanced civilizations prior to ours.)



Faith, & How to Connect with God & Accomplish the Impossible

How to Connect With God
Teaching Highlights:
Heb 11:6 – without faith, it’s impossible to please God, connect with God and plug into His power, authority, and success.  God will give you faith if you ask, but faith is defined as not just ‘knowing’ it will work, but taking action on that knowing.
–God is FOR you, 100%! HE wants YOU to succeed!
–If you diligently seek Him, do you really believe He will reward you? You have to believe that if you’re ever going to connect with God. That’s faith.
–How should you Seek God? 1.) with all your heart. 2.) persistence.  Those are some of the most important way’s anyone learns how to connect with God.
–Numbers 13: the true story of the twelve spies’ reports. Faith is believing what God says about you, no matter what anyone else says or how you feel. The positive ones in the bunch God favored because they were demonstrating faith in Him.  God had already promised the whole nation that He would grant them victory.  He preserved the faithful ones’ lives while the rest had to end up dying.  God rewards those who demonstrate faith in Him, even when living with a group who refuse to have faith.
–The Authority of the Believer
–Seeing the power of God in your life
–Worrying and fretting is the OPPOSITE of faith in God – you MUST have faith to be successful
–Read more on how to connect with God: The Bible, Kenneth E Hagin (Sr.), Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar – they teach to do what Jesus said to do.