Deluxe 40kw Generator Class (QEG Secrets Class)

WITTS 40kw Generator (QEG)

WITTS 40kw Generator Demonstration


In response to the Fix the World Project’s endeavor, we are making additional efforts to ensure people know that help is available for serious builders of this 40kw self-running machine.

If you want to succeed at this, you will need our Deluxe 40kw Generator Class (QEG Secrets Class) found here (last item, gifts page.)

Our 40kw generator class for the above  demonstrated by its builder in this video posted by WITTS several years ago, is still available today.  It was invented by former WITTS spokesmen Ronald Brandt and Nikola Tesla.*

WITTS Ministries is continuing to offer classes on exactly how to build this original 40KW device, as well as many others here.

If you are a serious builder, and want to replicate this work as in our original video, then start by studying our site.

Then pray about it, and do as God leads your heart.  Thoroughly review the gifts page, donate as appropriate, and we’ll schedule you in for a consultation ASAP.

We have many successful replicators of this project, and many others.  Many of the testimonials are on the site in video or written format.

Join us for the weekly Wednesday night broadcast, ask questions, join the fun!


God Bless You!


*UPDATE (April 8, 2014) –

Additional details about the origins of this machine and previously unseen video was shown in recent weekly broadcasts, starting with: WITTS Weekly Broadcast #189