This week Sir T taught about “The Powers of the Age to Come.”  We also discussed part 2 of Ron Brandt’s remarkable permanent magnet motor demonstated by him over 20years ago.  Sir T also shares some other information about Ron Brandt’s electric car that isn’t widely repeated amongst those in the free energy circles.  And then we also discussed some ancient Moon and Mars ruins recently made public.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Powers of the Age to Come”

What does God’s Word teach is in store for mankind? What is the inheritance of Believers of the last days?  Listen in and find out!


Technology & World Highlight:

–>Protege of Nikola Tesla and previous spokesperson for WITTS Ministries, Ron Brandt continues his 1995 discussion of his extraordinary Perm-Mag electric motor. There are some rare insights revealed in this week’s installment.  (Last week’s first portion of the video was also tacked on the end of the program so viewers can see a higher-def version.)




More evidence of possible ancient ruins dispersed around the lunar surface. It’s becoming more difficult to deny the obvious conclusion that our moon and solar system is and has been inhabited by intelligent life.

ALIEN RUINS? Giant 200ft Pillars On The Moon Discovered! 5/23/16




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