WITTS has revolutionary technology developed and available in the fields of alternative energy and pollution cleanup, control, prevention and remediation. Please see a sampling of our technology in action included in our video selections. These are real working devices tested and verified by independent engineers and scientists.

Some of their benefits:

  • Put an end to ALL pollution on this planet.
  • Make the growing and produciton of food less costly than ever before in history.
  • Replenish the oxygen in the air.
  • Help end innocent animal suffering, testing and slaughtering world wide.
  • Make energy much, much cheaper and available to all.
  • Clean up ALL toxic waste and dump sites – chemical, radioactive, or household trash.
  • End ALL forms of pollution now existing!
  • Raise the standard of living for everyone.
  • Improve health and vitality and increase lifespan.
  • Allow anyone to break free of the rat-race and live in comfort.
  • Get rid of your heating bills, fuel costs, and electric bills.


Various technologies include:

  • Automobiles which run totally on water and air, the only exhaust is oxygen, water, and air.
  • Electric energy generators that need no fuel and make no noise with no exhaust output and will power your home or car indefinitely.
  • Mechanical energy motors that need no input once started and can be built to run any load.
  • Anti-gravity machines that can travel as easiily through outer space as through air. These can also be built to travel through water (oceans), and even through solid earth.
  • This former mechanism can be built as a device that is pedal operated (like a bicycle) and is able to fly through the air with no motor, wings, or propellers.
  • Propulsion and transportation.
  • Sky Well technology extracting thousands or millions of gallons of clean water from the air.
  • Atmospheric scrubbers to transform carbon dioxide and methane into breathable oxygen and helpful base elements.
  • Ocean water desalinization. Transform thousands of gallons an hour into usable fresh water for agriculture, etc.
  • Growing centers to make tons and tons of fresh produce. Vegetables with 10 fold increase in protein and enhanced nutrition.
  • Transmutation of basic elements, derived from the quantum field.
  • Much, Much, More!


The World Improvement Team is composed of people, many with advanced degrees in physics, mathematics, electricity, and other sciences. Several of these brothers have even taught and authored and co-authored physics books for leading universities around the world.

The main strategy of the dark side is confusion and stupidity and ignorance. So they pay many people to pretend like they know something, and promote various brands of confusion, mostly to the effect that “It’s against the Laws of Physics”.

Take it from our team of World Class Physicists/Scientists/Engineers/Ministers, “IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAWS OF PHYSICS TO HAVE EXTRA ENERGY IN OPEN SYSTEMS!”

A heat pump is one example, another is solar panels, another is wind turbines. There are many many more.

The Laws mostly Quoted are the Laws of Conservation of Energy.

For any confused individuals out there, We encourage to do just a little research, and you will discover THOSE LAWS ONLY APPLY TO CLOSED SYSTEMS.

And, if you research it further, you will find that closed systems are extremely rare!

So rare in fact, that many Physicists will tell you that closed systems are virtually non existent. Mostly, they are theoretical constructs.

For those that do not understand big words, theoretical construct, means it only exists in people’s imagination.

Your imagination is not reality. But it does limit you drastically, as far as your abilities go. If you believe you can not, then you can not. If you believe you can, then you can.  (Or at least you are free to try and see if you can) ….. See the teachings of Jesus Christ, Tesla, Faraday, Maxwell and many others.

Do the flea test, explained on our weekly program, and this will go a long way to prove it to yourself.


“Don’t Stay where you are! Jump out of the Jar! And climb into Gods Kingdom with WITTS Ministries!”

Gods blessings are FOR You!

Enlightened Technology